From roots as far back as 1438, the dynamic family business has evolved as a leading manufacturer producing imaginative play spaces loved by children of all ages in more than 50 countries.

Whether you are searching for the traditional jungle gym or indoor play solutions or more naturalistic play and fitness elements, eibe has it. eibe’s play equipment is made from high quality and sustainable materials (100% FSC wood), designed, tested and installed according to international safety standards.

With its pirate ships, play castles, or the playfish Lohi (in the video below) eibe not only brings adventure to the playground, but it also gives character, soul and an organic dimension to environments through the use of timber as the main material. Wooden equipment brings advantages in the Middle East region, as it is sustainable and will never become as hot as metal or plastic and it won’t corrode.

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axendo provides leisure & landscaping solutions for commercial, residential and municipal play, fitness or sports areas.

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