Street Unit

Street Unit

Designed by pro skater and landscape architect Janne Saario, STREET UNIT Parkline is a durable solution to create a portable and variable skateboarding environment fitting all skatepark needs. The main idea is to offer a serie of units that makes it easy to set up a stationary or temporary skate park.

STREET UNIT Parkline is a good solution to activate spaces like schoolyards, paved sports courts, squares or parking lots. STREET UNIT Parkline elements can also be used to compliment existing skateparks.

STREET UNIT Parkline is made out of steel to endure skateboarding, weather and time. The sleek lines and the COR-TEN steel finish give the perfect mix of urban and industrial touch.

StreetUnit skate bench at the XDubai Skatepark, Kite Beach, Dubai

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