Science Play

Science Play

Turning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education into child’s play.

Axendo – Leisure & Landscape Solutions, UAE is excited to begin a new partnership with ABA Science Play to bring its science parks to children and families across the UAE.

Based in Israel, ABA Science Play is a pioneer in interactive and educational outdoor play. The company turns STEM education into amazing child’s play, powered by wind, solar & kinetic energy.

ABA Science Play has developed the “playground of tomorrow” chock full of interactive activities to teach STEM to kids, all while they burn off excess energy and enjoy the outdoors. ABA manufactures outdoor play equipment for children and adults that combines high-value interactive play and exercise with experiential science learning.

Equipment is built to withstand the most robust play and all weather conditions and complies with EU and US safety standards. ABA’s science parks are installed in more than 20 locations throughout Israel, including museums, schools and public parks.

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