Elevations by Vortex

Elevations by Vortex

Elevation by Vortex offers a versatile modular building-block system, allowing for complete customization to suit a wide range of exterior or interior sites, installations to expansive aquatic destinations. Enhance your appeal by choosing contemporary designs and vibrant color schemes that harmonize with both your brand and the surrounding environment.

Furthermore, Elevations can seamlessly integrate with existing facilities, providing a convenient way to revitalize and rejuvenate them. Tailored for young children, their solutions are specifically designed to entertain those who are in the early stages of discovering the joy of sliding. Their creative configurations breathe new life into a variety of settings, including amusement parks, hotels, resorts, campgrounds, and municipal aquatic centers.

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axendo provides leisure & landscaping solutions for commercial, residential and municipal play, fitness or sports areas.

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